Easy DIY Craft with Old Empty Nail Polish Bottles


Have you ever thought about what you can do with old nail polish bottles? A lot of girls care about their nail paint bottles.

If you have a large collection of old nail polish bottles, they need to be in the bin. But believe us, they are more than just empty nail paint bottles.

What will you do with old empty nail polish bottles?

There is more to it than just throwing empty bottles of nailpolish away. Most of the women have to spend a lot of money on making their own art. We will show you how to make empty nail polish bottle crafts with less expense and more fun.

There are a lot of things to do with old nail polish bottles, including making vases, décor pieces, glue bottles, paints, custom nail polishes and many more.

You have to clean out the old nail paint from inside the bottles to make them ready to reuse. We have a process that is easy for you to follow.

Clean out process for old nail polish bottles: 5 easy steps

  1. Gloves protect your hands.
  2. You can collect bottles that you want to clean. If you have excess nail paint, take it out of the paper.
  3. The acetone-based cleaner can be used to remove sticky or hard nailpolish from bottles.
  4. You can wash the bottle for 4 to 5 minutes.
  5. If you reuse the bottle, make sure you wash it with any non-toxic dish wash soap or detergent to avoid harm. Then dry it off.

“It’s time to use your bottles.”

How do I use old nail polish bottles?

We make it easy for you to turn your empty nail polish bottles into something. There are some easy and handy empty nail polish bottle crafts to discover.

  1. You can turn your empty nail polish bottles into vases.

Have you ever wondered how to make vases with exotic flowers and plant leaves? You can use your empty nail polish bottles.

Put the small flowers in the empty bottles.

  1. Use old nail polish bottles to make a cosmetics container.

You can use nail polish bottles as small make up containers.

  1. The travel kit contains old nail polish containers.

“You can make a kit out of empty nail polish bottles. If you carry them in a small bag, you don’t have to carry the big one.”

The items you want to carry with you must be taken out. Your hand wash, body splash, moisturizer, tint, and shampoo are the most important.

“It doesn’t get off easily if you label each bottle with cute titles on it.”

  1. Home décor with bottles of nailpolish.

The décor in your home does not need a lot of money. Old things can be used to make a statement style of your room, lounge, or garden.

Take few empty nail polish bottles and decorate all as you like. Use glitters, paints, stickers or small pebbles to fill out the bottles.

You can fill the bottles with coloured water and place them in your lounge, room or wherever you want.

A bonus tip from us: Fill out few bottles with fluorescent paint and tie them with some strings. Now make a wind-chasm or hang them as it is in your window. It will make a dreamy look in your room as the paint will glow in the dark at night.

  1. There are old nail polish bottles that can be used to make a cute mini scent diffuser.

Most scent diffusers come in a bottle and can be placed in one room at a time.

If you have empty nail polish bottles, you can pour a small amount of scent and cut a stick into a few.

These mini scent diffusers should be placed in various rooms. A new scent can be made by mixing 2 or 3 scents.

  1. Paint holder can be turned into nail polish container.

“These empty nail polish bottles are for people who want to paint but don’t want to use large bottles.”

Take the paint from the packing and put it in containers. Time can be saved and used in creativity.

  1. You can make your own nail polish with empty nail polish bottles.

It is fun to mix 2 or 3 colors in an empty bottle. Adding glitters and eye shadows can be used to create a custom colour. Make your nails look great with your outfits.

“You wouldn’t throw away your old nail polish bottles if you had all of these ideas. You can reuse old stuff and make a positive impact on the environment by doing a fun craft.”

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